Publishing for the PreK-12 Market 2017

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Published Aug 11, 2017 | 162 Pages | Pub ID: CURP15206320

Publishing for the PreK-12 Market 2017-2018

Since the newest federal education law—Every Student Succeeds Act—was enacted in 2015, states have been devising implementation plans for how to best meet the needs of their PreK-12 students, and the instructional materials industry has been working on how to best help educators put those plans to work and to help students reach achievement goals.

Publishing for the PreK-12 Market 2017-2018 provides the most up-to-date data on enrollment and policy changes at the state and federal levels that are reshaping the school landscape for the coming years.

Publishing for the PreK-12 Market 2017-2018 also examines the strategies publishers are putting into effect and the new products that are emerging to meet the challenges and opportunities in the PreK-12 school market.

Simba Information projects the PreK-12 instructional materials market will reach $8.75 billion in 2017, and the new annual Simba report examines the challenges and opportunities confronting instructional materials providers, beginning with a drive to personalize education for each child, revamping testing policies, implementing new science standards and refocusing on career and technical education.

Publishing for the PreK-12 Market 2017-2018
is the latest edition of Simba’s annual comprehensive overview of the PreK-12 market and the instructional materials providers that serve it.

Topics in Publishing for the PreK-12 Market 2017-2018 include:

  • Market size by media segment: basal core curriculum, courseware, digital supplements, print supplements, manipulatives, trade books, video, classroom magazines and state summative tests;
  • Drivers of and challenges to growth by segment;
  • Changing demographics of U.S. students;
  • Trends in state funding for education;
  • What subjects schools are spending on;
  • The changing instructional materials adoption landscape;
  • The pace of the uptake of courseware and digital supplements in schools;
  • Detailed market data on schools—public, private, charter, home schools, and virtual schools;
  • What companies have been sold; what companies might be
  • Exclusive 2016 instructional materials adoption data;
  • Competitive analyses of 11 leading publishers;
  • Market segment projections through 2020.
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