Professional Publishing: The Impact Factor of Google Scholar

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Published Mar 1, 2005 | 23 Pages | Pub ID: CU1103241

When free search tool Google Scholar was launched in late 2004, professional publishers and librarians took notice. Would it spell the beginning of the end for the scholarly publishing sector? Was it an opportunity to get content into the hands of a wider audience for librarians? Was Google a friend or foe?

The truth lies somewhere in between and this Simba Business Brief gives you the reality of Google Scholar’s impact to publishers and librarians worldwide. Professional Publishing: The Impact Factor of Google Scholar provides you with the inside details of the service’s impact, including:

- Complete functionality overview
- Inside look at Google’s strategic direction
- Perceived strengths/ weakness driving threats/ opportunities
- Quantifiable survey results from professional publishers and librarians
- Qualitative first-hand professional insights
- Additional scholarly search engine profiles


What is Google Scholar?

Behind the Google Curtain

Potential Pitfalls of Google Scholar

Publisher Reaction to Google Scholar

Simba Survey Results: How Publishers View Google Scholar

Library Reaction to Google Scholar

Profile Briefs of Other Free Professional/Scholarly Search Engines
- Inc.
- Clusty
- Google CrossRef Pilot
- Scirus
- WorldCat

Forecasts & Conclusions

Table of Tables
Table 1: Google Scholar Fact Sheet
Table 2: Keys to Google’s Corporate Philosophy
Table 3: Google Scholar—Threat or Opportunity for Publishers?
Table 4: Perceived Impact of Google Scholar on Professional Publishers
Table 5: Perceived Level of Cooperation by Google Scholar to Publishers
Table 6: Percentage of Librarians Who Said Google Scholar Will Impact Their Jobs
Table 7: Percentage of Librarians Who Said Google Scholar Will Have a Positive Impact on Their Jobs, By Type

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