PreK-12 Special Education Market Forecast 2010

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Published Jul 21, 2010 | 213 Pages | Pub ID: CURP2523094
PreK-12 Special Education Market Forecast 2010 is a new report from Simba Information that examines the business and market metrics for this dynamic segment of the school market.

The report offers Simba’s trademark comprehensive analysis of the trends, opportunities and challenges in this market segment to guide publishers, service providers and marketers.

Topics include:

  • Size and structure of the PreK-12 special education market segment,
  • Pertinent state and federal policy guidelines,
  • Funding resources,
  • Decision-makers and the purchasing process,
  • Critical instructional materials and assessments used in special education,
  • How technology is impacting delivery of services and instruction.

PreK-12 Special Education Market Forecast 2010 is designed to provide usable market and business intelligence for publishing, editorial, marketing, business development and investment professionals responsible for creating strategies to succeed in this market segment.

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