PreK-12 Digital Market Survey Report 2015

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Published Sep 17, 2015 | 68 Pages | Pub ID: CURP5691348

PreK-12 Digital Market Survey Report 2015

Schools in 2015 are seeking out instructional materials that can engage students and build their critical thinking and collaboration skills. Even as the Common Core State Standards have come under attack, educators and parents do, for the most part, want rigorous programs that are aligned to standards and can prepare students to live and work in the 21st century world.

A number of factors, including public policy and the increased availability of classroom technology, have encouraged schools to change the ways they have been instructing students. An increasing portion of instructional materials are digital, although print-based products continue to have a large installed base and daily use in most schools.

Seeing these trends, Simba Information partnered with MCH Strategic Data on an Internet survey of teachers to better understand schools’ use of digital instructional materials, specifically core digital programs, online courses, supplemental software, video, games and apps. An initial survey and report were issued in 2014.

PreK-12 Digital Market Survey Report 2015 is the new report about the ongoing digital integration in schools based on a 2015 survey, but including comparative data from the 2014 survey and report.

Over 90% of teachers responding to the April 2015 survey from Simba Information and MCH Strategic Data said they use digital resources for student instruction in their classrooms, but the survey found a range of answers on how teachers find and use those resources.

Market Trends Covered Include:

  • How frequently digital materials are being used
  • For what purposes teachers are using digital resources in class
  • Where teachers turn to acquire digital materials
  • Penetration of specific programs, by title
  • How digital materials are being delivered to students
  • Barriers holding back wider use of digital materials
PreK-12 Digital Market Survey Report 2015 is valuable to providers of digital resources currently in the market or considering entering. Investment and M&A professionals looking to understand areas of potential growth and where opportunities exist for new solutions also will find information they can use.
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      •   Teacher Use Digital Resources for Student Instruction

    • $108.00 Included
      •   Major Reason for Not Using More Digital Materials
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  • $1,646.00 Included

    • $191.00 Included
      •   Digital Resource Use vs. Traditional Print

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      •   How Many Hours Digital Resources Used in Average Day

    • $981.00 Included
      •   Most Common Source for Digital Materials Used in Classroom

  • $1,568.00 Included
    •   Digital Materials Definitions
    •   How Often Digital Resources Are Used in Classroom
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    • $296.00 Included
      •   What Subjects Digital Resources Are Being Used for

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      •   Major Purpose for Which Digital Resources Are Used in Classroom

    • $372.00 Included
      •   How Students Access Digital Resources in Classroom

  • $2,516.00 Included
    •   Use of Learning Management System

    • $577.00 Included
      •   Use of Specific Core Digital Programs
      •   Use of Specific Online Courses
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      •   Use of Specific Instructional Software Programs
      •   How Video is Accessed in the Classroom

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      •   Use of Videos Programs

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      •   Use of Specific Games

    • $397.00 Included
      •   Types of Apps Used
      •   Students Purchase/Use Apps on own for School Work

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    •   How Many Hours Digital Resources Are in Use in Average Day
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