Market Opportunities for PreK Instructional Materials 2015-2016

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Published Oct 2, 2015 | 92 Pages | Pub ID: CURP5696594

Market Opportunities for PreK Instructional Materials 2015-2016

Market Opportunities for PreK Instructional Materials 2015-2016 examines the early childhood education market and the potential for sales of instructional materials into this segment. The report focuses on children who are enrolled in Head Start, state- and locally funded public PreK classrooms, and private childcare centers. Primary attention is paid to the core market of 4-year-olds.

Simba Information's Market Opportunities for PreK Instructional Materials 2015-2016 examines which teaching materials PreK educators require through the results of an online survey of Head Start locations, school-based PreK and early childhood programs, and independent childcare centers conducted in partnership with MCH Strategic Data.

Actionable Data on PreK Learning Materials, including:

  • Realistic PreK market size growth patterns and projections based on comparisons with a similar survey conducted in 2013;
  • Changes in demand for Pre K materials;
  • Changes in demand by type and size of PreK institution;
  • Changes in demand for types and formats of instructional resources;
  • Identifying primary sources of funding for learning materials.
  • 3-D examination of topics by overall change, by institution size and by geographical region

Topics Covered in Market Opportunities for Prek Instructional Materials 2015-2016:

  • Size and growth for Pre K materials
  • Enrollment growth patterns
  • Funding changes
  • Demand for types of instructional materials (e.g. supplemental, assessment, core curriculum)
  • Use of digital devices and digital materials in classrooms
  • Market trends and policy impacts
  • Current spending outlook
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