Opportunities for PreK-12 Educational Materials in the Consumer Market 2015

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Published Jun 19, 2015 | 106 Pages | Pub ID: CURP5592936
Opportunities for PreK-12 Educational Materials in the Consumer Market 2015

Every year parents scour the toy stores, book stores, big-box merchandisers and online retailers to find the latest educational – yet fun – toys and games that will entertain and educate their young children. “Hot” products hit the market all the time, and companies ranging from traditional instructional materials providers to venerable toy makers have jumped in. No surprise – Simba Information projects that this market will reach $3.58 billion in 2015.

Opportunities for PreK-12 Educational Materials in the Consumer Market 2015, from Simba Information, provides an overview of the market for educational materials sold directly to consumers through retail and online channels, including the key segments: educational toys, workbooks and other printed publishing formats, digital content including e-books and apps, electronic learning aids, and “edugaming.”

The report focuses on opportunities for publishers and providers of PreK-12 instructional materials that are considering adapting and developing products specifically for the consumer market, as well as the challenges these companies face they make the transition from school to consumers and the keys to success.

Key topics Covered:
  • Consumer educational materials market segment sizing from 2013-2017;
  • Customer focus: PreK-12 age group;
  • Product positioning guidelines for educational products at retail;
  • Consumer perceptions of educational products;
  • Key target customer groups;
  • Competitive landscape by segments and product types;
  • Explication of distribution channels;
  • Trends: licensing, branding, STEM, STEAM, and technology;
  • Opportunities/challenges for educational materials providers crossing over from the school market;
  • Key factors for success in the consumer educational materials arena.
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