Open Access Journal Publishing 2016-2020

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Published Oct 3, 2016 | 62 Pages | Pub ID: CURP15123716

Open Access Journal Publishing 2016-2020

In today’s global market, it’s more important than ever to understand the changing dynamics of academic publishing. Rely on Simba Information’s report, Open Access Journal Publishing 2016-2020, to build your growth plan around the academic publishing industry's relationship with open access publishing for this year and beyond. Open Access Journal Publishing 2016-2020 explains the origins of the open access movement and gives a timeline for its development. Most importantly, Simba Information quantifies open access’ position as a fast growing sub-segment within the niche industry that is academic publishing. Simba used the information it gathered through primary and secondary research to develop a financial outlook for open access journal publishing, including leading competitors’ performance through 2015 and market projections through 2020. This research was conducted in conjunction with a larger study of the overall market interested in how textbook publishers in higher education approach open access journals within the academic publishing industry. 

Open Access Journal Publishing 2016-2020 Covers the Academic Publishing Market, Competitors, Issues & Forecasts, Including: 

  • Simba’s exclusive analysis of market size and structure
  • Revenue and market share rankings of 10 leading global open access journal publishers
  • Title and article growth metrics
  • A profile of the top ten open access repositories
  • A breakdown open access publishing in key geographic regions: North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Rest of World
  • A discussion of the market for non-English-language open access publishing
  • Analysis of mergers and acquisitions
  • Simba’s exclusive market projections to 2020 and more

Publishers and Investment Professionals can Trust Open Access Journal Publishing 2016-2020 to Provide the Inside Intelligence Needed to Evaluate Growth Potential, Understand Market Trends Affecting the Academic Publishing Industry, and Size up the Competition.

  • The future of open access "megajournals"
  • The impact of open access publishing in social science and humanities
  • Examination of green, gold and hybrid models
  • Open access, peer review and questions of credibility
  • The impact on smaller publishers
  • Long-term implications for costs across the OA ecosystem
Open Access Journal Publishing 2016-2020 is an essential tool for publishing executives, M&A advisors, market analysts, and industry consultants who need to understand the business strategies driving academic publishing industry.Simba Information has a knowledge base from more than 20 years worth of perspective on these markets. The academic publishing industry is not a static one. Rather it is one that’s affected by rapid changes in technology, the economy, mergers, partnerships and public policy and library budgets. Simba’s experienced analysts and daily on-the-ball coverage is the bedrock for these reports.
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