Online Yellow Pages Markets 2009-2010

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Published Dec 4, 2009 | 114 Pages | Pub ID: CURP2122445

In its third edition, Online Yellow Pages Markets 2009-2010 reports on the state of the online yellow pages industry in 2009. But even more important than providing a clear understanding of the current market condition, this report offers exclusive perspective on how yellow pages publishers need to position themselves for future growth in the dynamic online medium.

Use Online Yellow Pages Markets 2009-2010 to:

  • Gain access to Simba’s exclusive data on current online yellow pages market size and structure
  • Understand the structure of partnerships between yellow pages publishers and search engine giants, such as Google and Yahoo!
  • Benchmark your own online initiatives against those of your competitors
  • Target realistic online yellow pages revenue growth for your company
  • Identify potential partnership opportunities And more!

The report includes growth rates, forecast, information on companies, revenues and key executives.

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