K12 Mathematics Market Report 2016

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Published Feb 29, 2016 | 196 Pages | Pub ID: CURP5913386

K-12 Mathematics Market Report 2016

Schools have debated the best ways to instruct students in mathematics for decades. With the move to more rigorous standards and the growing acceptance of digital programs, Simba Information initiated research on the use of K-12 mathematics education resources during the 2015-2016 school year.

Simba Information's report, K-12 Mathematics Market Report 2016, looks at current trends in the elementary and secondary school mathematics market including what K-12 mathematics education resources are used most widely, as well as the selection criteria educators use to help them choose one product over another.

For K-12 Mathematics Market Report 2016, Simba partnered with MCH Strategic Data on survey directed to mathematics educators at their schools in October 2015. The report is built around the survey results with Simba Information’s ongoing research providing added context to the analysis and commentary on the current K-12 market for mathematics education resources. 

In addition to reporting survey answers in total, K-12 Mathematics Market Report 2016 contains lengthy appendices that break down answers by the grade level responsibilities of survey participants, for the four largest states and by adoption states versus open territories. This data can help K-12 mathematics education resources developers and marketers pinpoint their best opportunities.

K-12 Mathematics Market Report 2016 is a Simba Information continuation of a publication series originally offered by Education Market Research, an acquired Simba property, where relevant, results are compared with the findings from earlier reports.

Topics Covered Include:

  • Penetration of specific programs, by titles, being used in classrooms
  • Satisfaction levels with programs being used
  • Whether digital resources are replacing print
  • Whether schools are integrating math into a unified STEM curriculum
  • Whether new math standards have led to new assessments
K-12 Mathematics Market Report 2016 is valuable to providers of mathematics and/or STEM education resources, including print textbooks, etextbooks, online courses and supplementary materials. Investment and M&A professionals looking to understand areas of potential growth and where opportunities exist for new solutions also will find valuable information.
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