Global Tax, Accounting and Business Publishing 2013-2014

Jul 23, 2013
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With competition at an all-time high in the professional publishing industry worldwide, informed market intelligence on how publishers can capitalize on the most lucrative opportunities and conquer the most formidable challenges is more critical than ever before.

Global Tax, Accounting and Business Publishing 2013-2014 provides a comprehensive, analytical look at the overall landscape of the $7 billion global markets for tax, accounting and business information.

This report helps publishers position themselves for growth by tracking and evaluating key trends, such as: 

Market size by medium: books, journals, newsletters/looseleafs/directories, online services/A&I and other
Market size by geographic region: North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and ROW
Segment growth drivers
Key mergers and acquisitions activity
Market share, growth and business strategies of leading publishers
Publishing activity and geographic forecast 2013-2016.

The report offers a breakdown of industry revenue by major publishing activities and can be used to evaluate growth potential, understand trends affecting the industry, size the competition, review potential partner or acquisition profiles, examine revenue rankings and forecasts, benchmark performance, and plan short- and long-term growth strategies.

Some of the publishing trends outlined in the report include:

The number of accounting professional on the rise
Rise of the tablet as the device of choice for professionals
Social media as a business information platform
The impact of e-books
Growing importance of emerging markets

Global Tax, Accounting and Business Publishing 2013-2014 is an essential tool for publishing executives, M&A advisors, market analysts, and industry consultants who need to understand the business strategies driving the professional publishing industry.

Simba’s Professional Publishing market figures are global in scope. It’s a global market. If you’re competing in one or all of these segments, the competition does not conform to lines on a map. This report, and the others in the series, is produced to help executives make decisions in this environment.

Simba has a knowledge base from almost 20 years worth of perspective on these markets. This is not a static industry. It’s one that’s affected by rapid changes in technology, the economy, mergers, partnerships and public policy and library budgets. Simba’s experienced analysts and daily on the ball coverage is the bedrock for these reports.


Executive Summary

Chapter 1: Market Overview
Market Size and Growth
Online Services/ A&I
Tax, Accounting & Business Publishing by Geography
North America
Rest of World

Table 1.1: Global Business Publishing Market Share by Media, 2010-2012
Table 1.2: Global Business Publishing Market Share by Media, 2012
Table 1.3: Global Business Publishing Market by Region, 2010-2012
Table 1.4: Global Business Publishing, Regional Market Share, 2012
Table 1.5: Business Publishing in Asia-Pacific by Company, 2012

Chapter 2: Global Competitors
Key Competitors
Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)
Bloomberg BNA
Business & Legal Resources
Groupe Revue Fiduciaire
Harvard Business Publishing
John Wiley & Sons
J. J. Keller & Associates
McGraw-Hill Education
Reed Elsevier
Springer Science+Business Media
Thompson Media Group
Thomson Reuters
Wolters Kluwer

Table 2.1: Leading Global Business Publishers, Ranked by 2012 Business Publishing Revenue
Table 2.2: Key Business Publishing M&A Activity, 
January 2012-April 2013

Chapter 3: Market Trends & Forecast
Number of Accounting Professionals in U.S. on the Rise
Advertising Revenue Continues Its Decline
Divestures of Non-Core Publishing Assets
The Evolution of Digital Business Publishing
Dividing the Online Segment
Rise of the Tablet as the Device of Choice for Professionals
Serving Content to Mobile Media
Books as Apps
Social Media as a Business Information Platform
Tax, Accounting & Business Publishing Market Forecast
Media Channel Forecast
Regional Forecast

Table 3.1: Accountant & Auditors Employed in the U.S., 2007-2012
Table 3.2: Global Business Publishing Market Forecast, 2013-2016
Table 3.3: Global Business Publishing Market Forecast by Region, 

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