Global Scientific & Technical Publishing 2021-2025

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Published Jul 1, 2021 | 99 Pages | Pub ID: CURP16709011
Global Scientific & Technical Publishing 2021-2025

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The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic and evolving business models make it imperative to have precise market intelligence from analysts who understand the dynamics of STM publishing. Rely on Simba’s Global Scientific & Technical Publishing2021-2025 to build your growth plan for this year and beyond.

Scientific and technical (S&T) publishing is a $10.5 billion industry whose market leaders enjoy double-digit profit margins. The foundation of the business is the scholarly journal, which is examined in depth in this report as one of five content delivery channels along with: books, online content, abstracting and indexing and other activities.

Global Scientific & Technical Publishing 2021-2025 contains separate chapters covering the market, key competitors, and trends and forecast that include:
  • Simba’s exclusive analysis of market size and structure
  • Revenue and market share rankings of 10 leading global publishers
  • Geographic market sizing for the four major regional markets: North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Rest of World
  • Simba’s exclusive market projections to 2025 by publishing activity.
  • Leading Publisher forecast for 2021.
Whether your focus is books, journals or online content, you can trust Global Scientific & Technical Publishing 2021-2025 to provide the inside intelligence you need to evaluate growth potential, understand trends affecting the industry, and size up the competition in the dynamic markets for STM content worldwide. In addition, new features have been added including:
  • The number of new peer reviewed journals launched by year 2017 to present in key scientific & technical subjects: Technology & Engineering, Biological Science & Agriculture, Earth, Space & Environmental Science, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics.
  • The number of new scholarly and professional books published per year 2018-2020 for all professional and scholarly titles, technology and engineering, science general and computers.
  • Underling growth leaders in scientific and technical publishing.
  • Analysis of competitor books and journal title counts showing the leading subject areas for individual publishers.
  • Analysis of three years of merger and acquisition activity.
  • A round up of consortia and university library big deal cancelations, a la carte replacements and transformative agreements.
  • Journal price increase forecast.
  • Growth in article’s funded for 22 largest science funders worldwide and analysis of the leading publishers by funding body.
  • Research and development spending trend and forecast for the top 15 countries.
  • Technical, Scientific & Professional Book Import/Export Trends 2017-2021.
Global Scientific & Technical Publishing 2021-2025 is an essential tool for publishing executives, M&A advisors, market analysts, and industry consultants who need to understand the business strategies driving the scientific and technical publishing industry.

Simba’s professional publishing market figures are global in scope. It’s a global market and the competition does not conform to lines on a map. This report, and the others in the series, is produced to help executives make decisions in this environment.

Simba has a knowledge base from more than 25 years worth of perspective on these markets. This is not a static industry. It’s one that’s affected by rapid changes in technology, the economy, mergers, partnerships and public policy and library budgets. Simba’s experienced analysts and their rigorous coverage is the bedrock for these reports.

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