Global Legal & Business Publishing 2007-2008

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Published Mar 1, 2007 | 162 Pages | Pub ID: CU1493361

An all new report from Simba Information, the pre-eminent source for facts and figures that define the lucrative professional publishing industry -- Global Legal & Business Publishing 2007.

Focused on the global market, GLBP 2007 uncovers and presents in a no-nonsense fashion the most profitable opportunities and the most formidable challenges facing legal and business information publishers today.

This report is packed with all of the most current statistics and detail you need to build a successful plan for growth this year and beyond. Use GLBP 2007 to uncover the driving forces shaping the strength and direction of the overall market:

  • The size and structure of legal & business publishing worldwide
  • An analysis of market-leading publishers and which countries yield their biggest gains
  • Perspective on which products and services are in greatest demand among customers, and which produce the highest profits
  • Insight into the changing competitive landscape, from the impact of open access initiatives to the growth in emerging markets
  • Insider views of industry mergers & acquisitions
  • And more

    This volume is packed with the information you need to help benchmark your success, target your revenue growth, pinpoint investment activity drivers, identify acquisition and partnership opportunities and much more:

    • Revenue broken out by publishing segment and major media
    • Two-year revenue/market share projections through 2009
    • Over 40 charts and graphs
    • 20 company profiles of leading legal & business publishers worldwide

    From Simba Information, which as publisher of the industry-leading Professional Publishing Report biweekly newsletter has closely followed the legal and business publishing industries for more than 10 years, Global Legal & Business Publishing 2007 is the source for informed perspective and objective, accurate forecasts in the global market for legal and business information.

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