Ed Tech Startup Dashboard 2015-2016

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Published Jun 17, 2016 | 40 Pages | Pub ID: CURP15030550

Ed Tech Startup Dashboard 2015-2016

Simba Information’s Ed Tech Startup Dashboard 2015-2016 examines the education technology startup market—the highlights of investment and business activity among incubators and accelerators, the startups themselves and the drivers behind all the activity.

The report focuses on the activity in the fourth quarter of 2015, reviews overall activity in 2015—including the startup IPO of the year—and takes an initial look at 2016 activity through the end of May 2016.

Online course provider Udacity was by far the highest investment generator in 2015. The investments in Udacity and Coursera, another online course provider that also attracted strong investment, signal a decided interest in looking for new ways to deliver learning in the higher education segment. In addition in higher education, the appeal was for data analytics and helping students succeed to finish coursework and degrees.

In the K-12 education market segment, the money trail led to technology, tools and platforms, as well as curriculum resources that enabled adaptive learning. Knewton, the adaptive technology firm that works with content providers to create adaptive programs and also serves the higher education market, attracted the greatest investment.

The long tail of adaptive also spurred investments in Newsela, the adaptive platform for non-fiction reading comprehension; DreamBox Learning, which offers adaptive math curriculum programs; Socratic, a game-based learning solution; and Lightsail, which provides adaptive literacy solutions.

The Dashboard, produced on a periodic basis since the beginning of 2015, provides a timely spot-check of new companies and new product launches, capital funding milestones and the hottest sectors for new products, as well as changes in the education-market landscape that enhance the opportunities or present new challenges to emerging companies.

Ed Tech Startup Dashboard 2015-2016
Introduction and Trends
Udacity Attracts Top Funding in Q4 2015
Knewton Continues to Attract
Instructure Leads Q4 Business Activity with $80M IPO
Cengage Acquires Pathbrite
Macmillan’s New Ventures Goes mainstream
Beeline Partners to Broaden Reach
Business Briefs
Q4 2015 Startup Close-ups
Front Row Education
Noodle Markets
Measuring Startup Success in 2015
Udacity Leads Top Investments in 2015
Changing Business Models
Partnerships Can Lead to Acquisitions
Instructure: The Only Startup IPO in 2015
Where the Investment Action Focused in 2015
Adaptive Was Operative Word in K-12 in 2015
Is there a Chill in Investment in 2016?
Fresh Activity Is Brewing in Accelerators, Incubators
Penn State and Dreamit Partner to Launch Dreamit EdTech
Denver Area NSF Grant Winners Focus on Education
Milken-Penn Business Plan Winners Named
LearnLaunch Picks Five for 2016 Breakthrough Cohort
Early 2016 Startup Activity
A Startup Close-up: Cashtivity
A Startup Follow-up: Accelerate Learning
A Startup Follow-up: Kickboard
Policy Trends Foster Ongoing Welcoming Climate for Startups
ESSA Looks Locally
Tech Plan Looks for Continued Innovation
Advice from the Front
Table 1: Investment Activity in Ed Tech Startups, Q4 2015
Table 2: Five Largest Investments in Startups in 2015
Table 3: 2015 Higher Education Investments
Table 4: 2015 K-12 Investments
Table 5: Ed Tech Global Yearly Financial History
Table 6: 2016 Penn State Dreamit EdTech
Table 7: 2016 Milken-Penn GSE Business Plan Winners
Table 8: Early 2016 Startup Company Activity