Documenting the Shift from Print to Digital 2010

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Published Nov 1, 2010 | Pub ID: CURP5815147
Briefs taken from Technology Buying Trends: The coming of age of digital products, documenting the shift from print to digital in the K-12 School Market.
Over the past fifteen years, Education Market Research has conducted dozens of large-scale national surveys of educators, resulting in a longitudinal database of information on teacher habits and preferences with respect to all aspects of K-12 curriculum and instruction. Typically, EMR’s findings have included many instances where the market appeared to be resisting change, and sticking to the old tried and true formula for promoting teaching and learning. Prime example and other findings are within the report.
Based on the results of EMR’s two most recent surveys, there has been a significant market shift in the direction of digital. In fact, the frequency of product delivery via online/digital delivery showed a big growth spurt, while print showed no significant change.
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