Delivery Platforms in the Corporate Training Market 2008-2009

   Single User - $2,495
   Hard Copy Mail Delivery - $2,695
   Departmental Licensing (up to 10 users in one office) - $8,085
   Online Download plus 1 Hard Copy - $3,095

Published Oct 27, 2008 | 64 Pages | Pub ID: CURP1637397

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As technology evolves, so too does corporate training - particularly how training is delivered in professional environments.

  • Which delivery platforms are most effective?
  • Do certain industries tend toward one platform over another?
  • Is traditional classroom training headed for extinction?

These are just several questions answered in Delivery Platforms in the Corporate Training Market 2008-2009.

From LMS systems to live virtual classrooms to blended training product and services, Delivery Platforms in the Corporate Training Market 2008-2009 covers it all. Gain a clear understanding of which platforms are most lucrative for training providers among U.S. businesses in leading verticals today, and learn which delivery platforms are forecast to grow most rapidly in the next three years.

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