Corporate Training Market 2004: Forecasts & Analysis

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Published May 1, 2004 | 240 Pages | Pub ID: CU1018692

Corporate Training Market 2004: Forecasts & Analysis provides you with profiles of over 30 leading companies that compete for corporate training dollars from all corners of the market:

  • soft skills and IT training providers
  • infrastructure and learning management systems (LMS) providers
  • live e-learning providers

This informative report is a must-have for top executives and business strategists in the training industry.

Simba’s top analysts give you trend analysis and metrics, including: market size, market share, revenue growth figures and three-year revenue forecasts for the corporate training industry.


  • About the importance of blended solutions in a world that is neither entirely classroom or e-learning based;
  • Where training M&A activity is headed as market consolidation continues, and the types of firms on the hunt and in play;
  • About the growth of major outsourcing providers in training and HR;
  • About emerging technologies that could be tomorrow’s IT training opportunities;
  • About the impact of government training initiatives and standards on the private sector;
  • About the growing importance of simulation-based learning in the age of the ubiquitous game system.

Table of Contents
Executive Summary
Chapter 1: Overview Of The Corporate Training Market
  • Introduction
  • “Blended Learning” Method Has Grown Nearly Ubiquitous
  • Rise Of The CLO Equals Greater Presence At The Table For Training
  • M&A Increases In 2003, With Many Buyers From Outside Industry
  • Corporate Training Market To Grow 7.4% In 2004 To $9.7 Billion
  • Training Companies See Average 63% Stock Price Gain In 2003
  • WebEx Again Has Highest Operating Margin For 2003
  • Table 1.1: Comparison Of Corporate Training Activity, 2003 vs. 2002
  • Table 1.2: Corporate Training Mergers And Acquisitions, 2003
  • Table 1.3: Projected Growth Of Global Corporate Training Sales Of U.S.-Based
  • Firms, 2002-2004
  • Table 1.4: Performance Of Training Company Stocks, Jan. 2-Dec. 31, 2003
  • Table 1.5:Simba’s 2003 Corporate Training Operating Margin Index

Chapter 2: Trends In The Corporate Training Market

  • Improving Economic Conditions Drive Growth In Training Spending
  • Training Outsourcing Expected To Grow 12% In 2004
  • Simulations Gaining Interest, But Broad Adoption A Couple Years Off
  • Workflow Learning: Training Meets Knowledge, Content Management
  • China Is Fastest Growing Market For Corporate Training In 2004
  • Vendors Say Procurement Officers Playing Greater Role In Selection
  • Table 2.1: Growth In U.S. Gross Domestic Product, 2001-2003
  • Table 2.2: Employment Gains
  • Table 2.3: Growth Of Global Corporate Training Market For U.S. Firms, 2002-
  • 2004
  • Table 2.4: Projected Breakdown Of Corporate Training Market 2003, By Sector
  • Table 2.5:Sample List Of Major Training Outsourcing Contracts
  • Table 2.6: Chinese Market For Corporate Training, 2001-2005
  • Table 2.7: Change In Average Regional Revenue Breakdown, 2003-2004

Chapter 3: IT Training

  • Introduction
  • Classroom-Based IT Trainers Look to Expand; Some Metrics Down
  • Security, Business Analysis, Web Services Key Drivers In 2004
  • IT Business Analysis An Emerging Area In 2004
  • Growing Web Services Integrations Drive Training Need
  • Grid Computing, RFID Among Leading Edge Technologies To Watch
  • IT Trainers Should Work With Community Colleges: DOL Official
  • New Horizons Once Again Top IT Training Provider For 2004
  • Table 3.1: Projected Growth of Global Corporate Training Sales of U.S.-Based
  • Firms, 2002-2004
  • Table 3.2: Fastest Growing U.S. IT Occupations, 2002-2012
  • Table 3.3: Growth In Top SANS IT Security Certifications, 2003-2004
  • Table 3.4: Worldwide Sales Of Top U.S. IT Training Companies, 2002-2004

Chapter 4: Soft Skills Training

  • Introduction
  • Leadership Development, Education Programs Continue to Thrive
  • Project Management Gains Momentum In Corporate, Federal Markets
  • Corporations Increase Focus On Business Acumen For Managers
  • Improved Hiring Trend Driving New Employee Training Needs
  • IIR Is Top Soft Skills Training Provider In 2004
  • Table 4.1: Projected Growth Of Global Corporate Training Sales of U.S.-Based
  • Firms, 2002-2004
  • Table 4.2: Projected Breakdown Of Corporate Training Market 2003, By Sector
  • Table 4.3: Breakdown Of Executive Education Market, 2004
  • Table 4.4: Changes In Management/Executive Employment, 2002-2012
  • Table 4.5: Growth In Project Management Training, 2002-2004
  • Table 4.6: Employment Gains, First Four Months Of 2004 vs. 2003
  • Table 4.7: Worldwide Sales Of Top U.S. Soft Skills Training Companies, 2002-
  • 2004

Chapter 5: E-Learning Infrastructure Systems

  • Introduction
  • Click2Learn And Docent Merge Into SumTotal, Emerge As Leader
  • Thinq Looked For A Buyer, Backed Off When Nothing Materialized
  • E-Learning Analytics A Growing Focus For Infrastructure Players
  • Enterprise Players Making Noise, But Not Winning Outside Base
  • LMS/LCMS Intersects With Knowledge, Content Management
  • SumTotal Leads LMS Pack With Projected 16.1% Of Market Share
  • Table 5.1: Growth Of Global Corporate Training Market For U.S. Firms, 2002-
  • 2004
  • Table 5.2 Projected Breakdown Of Corporate Training Market 2003, By Sector
  • Table 5.3 Worldwide Sales Of E-Learning Infrastructure Leaders, 2002-2004

Chapter 6: Virtual Classroom/Web Collaboration Platforms

  • Introduction
  • Market For Live E-Learning Products, Services To Grow 30% In 2004
  • Informal Usage Of Live Web Communication Tools Grows
  • Major Players Shaking Up Market, But Training Not A Primary Focus
  • Top Live E-Learning Players Look For Differentiation Points
  • WebEx Moves Into Top Spot Of Live E-Learning Vendors
  • Table 6.1: Growth Of Global Corporate Training Market For U.S. Firms, 2002-
  • 2004
  • Table 6.2: Projected Breakdown Of Corporate Training Market 2003, By Sector
  • Table 6.3: Sales Of Live E-Learning Leaders, 2002-2004
  • Table 6.4: Number Of Professional Directories By Category, 2004 vs. 2003
  • Table 6.5: Breakdown Of Professional Directories By Category, 2004

Chapter 7: Forecasts and Conclusions

  • Content, Knowledge Management More Integrated With Training
  • In E-Learning, Software Platform Architecture Will Be Less Critical
  • Training Outsourcing Will Grow As Early Adopters Show Success
  • Market For Corporate Training To Reach $11.92 Billion By 2007
  • Table 7.1: Growth Of Global Corporate Training Market For U.S. Firms, 2002-
  • 2007

Chapter 8: Company Profiles

  • American Management Association
  • Blessing White
  • Center For Creative Leadership
  • Centra Software Inc.
  • Development Dimensions International
  • Digital Think
  • Element K Corporation
  • ExecuTrain
  • Franklin Covey
  • GeoLearning
  • Global Knowledge
  • IBM/Lotus E-Learning
  • The Institute For International Research
  • Interwise
  • The Ken Blanchard Companies
  • Kepner-Tregoe Inc.
  • KnowledgeNet
  • KnowledgePlanet
  • Learning Tree International
  • Microsoft Live Meeting
  • MindLeaders
  • NETg
  • New Horizons Worldwide
  • Novations Group
  • Outstart
  • Pathlore
  • Plateau Systems
  • Productivity Point International
  • Saba Software Inc
  • SkillSoft
  • SumTotal Systems.
  • Thinq Learning Solutions Inc
  • WebEx

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