Westchester Publishing Webinar:  The State of Education in 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic forced schools, families, and teachers to shift overnight. School districts moved to rapidly assess the needs in their communities and provide a blend of in-person, virtual, and/or hybrid learning options. The federal government issued new waves of funding to help students stay connected and continue to learn. Meanwhile, education publishers and digital instructional providers also took steps to provide the necessary resources to help educators and families adapt and overcome learning loss.

All these changes were discussed at length in a recent webinar hosted by Westchester Education Services titled The State of Education in 2021, which featured a variety of expert panelists:

  • Kathy Mickey, Managing Editor and Senior Analyst at Simba Information
  • Denise Cobb-Williams, the Director of Elementary Curriculum at Walton County School District
  • Victoria Akosile, Manager of Education Technology Policy at SIIA

After analyzing the impact of the pandemic on K-12 education, the panelists also discussed what to expect as we look ahead to the 2021-2022 school term.

Watch a webinar replay below, or visit the Simba Information blog for a quick recap.

Webinar: The State of Education in 2021

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