Simba Information is a leading market research publisher covering market intelligence and forecasts in the media and publishing industry since 1989. Our comprehensive, quality research and presentation of market intelligence has made Simba the premier source of market information for leading publishing and media industry decision makers.

Simba serves both traditional and new media organizations, providing key analysis, exclusive statistics, industry forecasts, and timely news for over 15,000 client companies worldwide. Our extensive research reports deliver key perspectives on the people, events, and alliances shaping the media and information industries. Simba's tightly focused editorial and marketing teams address industry leaders' most essential needs through market research reports and newsletters, with seasoned industry experts bringing Simba's powerful information to life through expert consulting services. 


Simba Information's newsletters track the publishing and media industries, with focuses on trade book publishing, educational publishing, professional publishing, and yellow pages publishing. We provide comprehensive analysis through vital market data and cogent insight. 

Our newsletter provide: 

  • Market Size & Segmentation
  • Sales Drivers & Growth Forecasts
  • Competitive Market Share
  • Product Development Pipeline Information
  • New Technology Trends
  • Competitor Profiles
  • Distribution Trends
  • Strategic Insights & Growth Opportunities 

Market Research 

Simba's research reports are crafted by our staff of industry experts. We offer insight on market structure and the competitive landscape, technology assessment and penetration, and emerging products and trends. Our reports give you: 

  • Critical analysis derived from years of field experience
  • Research from one-time end users of our reports; people asking the same questions as you
  • Quality data available only to industry insiders
  • Primary research based on interviews with industry leaders
  • Data built from the ground up
  • Unique segmentations and data analytics 
  • Analysis by experienced, objective analysts
  • Coherent and objective opinions

Based on both primary and secondary research, as well as years of professional industry expertise, our analysis covers current and historical trends, and predicts where the market is headed over the next 5-10 years.