Ebook: Technology Implementation in the Classroom

Technology Implementation in the Classroom EbookU.S. K-12 classrooms are changing as schools update their presentation technology, computing devices and digital content. As Simba Information tracks the deployment of technology into K-12 classrooms, it is clear schools are taking diverse paths to digital learning, but certain trends are emerging. Simba Information tracks those trends and the broader educational publishing market by reporting on the strategy and results of the businesses in the industry and by following what states and individual school districts are planning and implementing.

This free ebook spotlights the digital transformation underway in schools with case studies from five districts—districts that likely will be models for other school systems moving forward. The information provided comes from Simba’s business-to-business, biweekly newsletter on K-12 technology Electronic Education Report. The trends revealed from the school district studies are also covered by Simba in longer form reports published throughout the year and in the biweekly newsletter Educational Marketer, which extends Simba’s coverage of the educational publishing market to the K-20 educational sphere.

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