K12 Inc. Investments Point to Interest in Digital Learning and Workforce Readiness

K12 Inc. Investments Point to Interest in Digital Learning and Workforce Readiness

K12 Inc., manager of virtual schools and provider of online learning resources, in August made a $9 million investment in STEM Premier to help grow the online community that links current and future workforce talent with organizational recruiting needs in a variety of career fields.

K12 manages 13 Destinations Career Academies and programs throughout the U.S. In addition to a core academic curriculum, Destination Career Academy students pursue career-readiness courses built to help prepare them for a range of future paths.

STEM Premier connects students with potential career pathways, jobs and apprenticeships, as well as two and four-year colleges, trade schools and scholarship opportunities. Users create a virtual portfolio to showcase career interests, accomplishments and certifications.

Member organizations can identify, track and directly reach out to users with portfolios that match their recruiting and workforce needs. The platform has a growing community of more than 350,000 users.

K12 also made a small, strategic investment in Modern Teacher, an education technology company that supports school systems as they shift from traditional classrooms toward digital learning environments.

Modern Teacher developed the Digital Convergence Framework, a research based methodology that integrates professional learning with district-level success metrics. The company’s network of clients includes more than 50 school districts, representing 1,000 schools and more than 800,000 students and teachers.

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