New Opportunities for Science Resource Providers

As schools adopt the Next Generation Science Standards and broaden science instruction in the classroom to STEM, there is growing educator interest in acquiring new resources to meet changing needs.

Seeing the changes in K-12 science instruction, Simba Information undertook a survey of educators about the science resources they are using in the 2017-2018 school year. Findings from that survey and Simba’s ongoing research into the educational materials market are the basis for a new report, K-12 Science Market and STEM Outlook Report 2018

Survey-based data is included on the use of science programs and hands-on science kits, including criteria for the selection of a core resource, and whether digital tools and content are supplanting print materials.

Asked about the most important attributes of core science programs, surveyed educators ranked the following features the highest: alignment with standards, include a mix of text, multimedia and hands-on resources, and include projects and lab experiments.

Trends written about in K-12 Science Market and STEM Outlook Report 2018 continue to influence the market, as the first quarter 2018 has seen a wave of initiatives by companies interested in tapping the science opportunity.

Discovery Education in January made available STEM Connect, a web-based, supplemental K-8 resource built to help educators create STEM lessons with the goal of building students’ creative, critical thinking, communication and collaboration skills. STEM Connect’s modular, interdisciplinary resources include hands-on activities, content connection activities, career connections and real-world challenges.

Carnegie Learning, known for its mathematics technology, curriculum and services, forged a partnership with the Smithsonian Institution with the goal of supporting the next generation of STEM leaders. The Smithsonian develops science and engineering curriculum through its Smithsonian Science Education Center that was established in 1985 to help transform the teaching and learning of science.

Cricket Media in February will launch TryEngineering Together in partnership with the technical professional organization IEEE. TryEngineering Together will use Cricket Media content to help teachers put grades 3-5 students on the path to STEM futures with the help of STEM enthusiast eMentors.

For more information about the K-12 science curriculum market, including the outlook for integration of the STEM subjects, check out Simba Inforhmation’s K-12 Science Market and STEM Outlook Report 2018 published this month. To learn more or to purchase the report, call 888-297-4622 or e-mail

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