Happy Code Club

Happy Code Club

The Happy Code Club

Happy Code club is a start up that is founded by Fernando E. Alvarenga, who wanted fill the gap for children who had a desire to learn and receive CS instruction outside of the general school system.

Happy Code Club teaches computer science to kids ages ranging from 7-17 by focusing on themes children care about such as Game Design with Scratch, Fashion and Design with Scratch and Sports with Scratch. Their catalog of classes is growing and we are also able to customize coding projects for private and semi-private lessons. They teach all levels from novice to advanced while focusing on fun projects kids feel proud of completing at each session. Elementary classes are taught using Scratch and for rising stars they re-enforce what the children learn and take them to new coding languages such as Python/Pygame, AppInventor and Unity3D, while capturing the same spirit of fun into every project.

Their method of teaching kids to code is extremely unique. Teaching kids Computer Science, while it seems like a worthy endeavor, can easily fail due to an improper approach. The club makes everyone feel like they belong and where their unique interests are discovered no matter what those interests may be. Some of the kids the sign up are interested in Sports, The Arts, Game Design, Music, Stories, apps and more.

Coding crosses every branch of human discovery and interest so at Happy Code Club kids can nurture their interest through code and learn life-long skills in the process.The idea is to see the creative in everyone and to lead them to discovery of the many possibilities that can be achieved with code coupled with mentorship and camaraderie.

Happy Code Club operates on the imperative published by code.org that Computer Science is not vocational but rather foundational for kids and teens. 

Happy Code Club provides the computer science curriculum that you wish your school had in place. The curriculum covers subjects that introduces Computer Science to kids as young as 7 and as old as 17. Happy Code Club welcomes all skills levels, and have classes, semi-private and private tutoring sessions for Python, HTML, Unity Engine for Game Development, App Inventor and Scratch.

Happy Code Club aims to be a coding after-school program with year round programs and camps available in order to take advantage of the momentum around this new concept and give your kids the code advantage.

As a start up HCC is on its way to being well received and plans on taking their concepts nationwide.