Simba Information’s K-12 Enrollment by Subject, School Year 2015-2016

Simba Information’s K-12 Enrollment by Subject, School Year 2015-2016

Many factors influence whether or not a product introduced into the education market will be a success. In the most basic terms, the largest potential market for a product is the number of teachers and students who are potential users.

In K-12 Enrollment by Subject, School Year 2015-2016, Simba Information provides estimates on the number of K-12 students enrolled in courses in various subject areas. To generate the data, Simba drew on third-party sources and utilized an estimating method developed by Education Market Research, a Simba acquired property.

There are reliable sources tracking K-12 enrollment nationwide and by grade and state. There has been a lack of statistics on student enrollment by course.

With the publication of this new report, Simba Information estimates specific course enrollments for core subject area courses, electives and Advanced Placement courses. This information will benefit companies looking to see the potential user base for products they already are offering and for new products they may be planning. Anyone developing K-12 products or creating sales and marketing plans for products will find the report to be a valuable resource.

The report provides course enrollment estimates for:

• K-5 English language arts, mathematics, science and social studies;

• K-12 art and music courses;

• K-12 enrollment in Spanish, French, Latin, German and Chinese;

• Grades 6-12 enrollment in English language arts, including electives like Journalism;

• Grades 6-12 math enrollment with specific breakouts for Algebra, Geometry, Calculus and more;

• Grades 6-12 science enrollment with specific breakouts for Biology, Chemistry, Physics and more;

• Tracking information for the recent growth in enrollment in 35 Advanced Placement courses.

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Updated information on enrollment and demographic trends in PreK-12 education can be found in Simba's report, PreK-12 Enrollment & Demographics, 2017-2018