EMR Research Corner: Reading & CCSS

EMR Research Corner: Reading & CCSS

Informational text and writing are two areas where reading and English language arts educators are seeking new or different curriculum materials as they implement the Common Core State Standards. That is one of the findings of a new Common Core update report from Simba Information/Education Market Research.

More than half of educators (50.1%), responding to a spring 2014 EMR survey said implementation of the Common Core has caused a moderate change in the way they teach English language arts and reading. Almost one-third of responding educators (31.9%) said implementation has caused a large change and 4.2% said there has been no change in their teaching and materials.

The survey also asked the reading educators where their school stands in terms of implementing the Common Core, with over one-third reporting there has been full implementation at all grade levels:

•33.1%, full implementation at all grade levels;

•25.2%, full implementation at some grade levels;

•32.1%, early implementation stage;

•4.5%, early planning stage;

•5.0%, not addressing CCSS.

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