Samsung Markets to Schools

Simba Information talked to Samsung senior manager education Diane Ashby about company efforts in K-12 in the March 28 issue of Electronic Education Report. An accompanying article in the issue details Samsung’s partnerships with three school districts.

Samsung (Ridgefield Park, NJ) is a brand widely known in the consumer space that also competes in the K-20 market; this spring the company is introducing new Chromebook and tablet options for schools.

Samsung is hearing that there are three a...

Obama’s 2015 Spending Plan Would Boost Education

Obama’s 2015 Spending Plan Would Boost Education

President Barack Obama in March proposed $68.6 billion in discretionary spending for the Department of Education in fiscal 2015, which would be a 1.9% increase from fiscal 2014, but the spending plan as proposed is unlikely to be acted upon in a Congressional election year

Additionally, late in 2013 Congress passed the Bipartisan Budget Act , which set discretionary funding levels for two years. Under that agreement, forged to avoid another government shutdown, Congress restored half of the se...