The Complete K-12 Report: Market Facts and Segment Analyses 2013

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Published Mar 4, 2013 | 712 Pages | Pub ID: CURP5815143
The Complete K-12 Report: Market Facts & Segment Analyses, 2013 from Education Market Research shows continuing growth in technology products and increasing need for assessment products.  In a time when schools are trending towards technology, though, textbook sales in 2012-13 continued to have steady growth of around 2%.  

The school market has evolved and expanded, while “traditional” information sources have not changed. Thus it is necessary to go beyond the “old stand-by” sources in order to get an accurate picture of today’s dynamic K-12 school market, and that is precisely what sets this report apart from its competitors.  

The Complete K-12 Report contains thoroughly updated and expanded market intelligence on:  
  • K-12 Market Size and Structure 
  • K-12 Market Growth Rates   
  • Market Size by Subject and Grade Market Size for Supplemental Materials, School Supplies, and Hardware/Equipment/Furniture  
  • K-12 Publisher Rankings 
  • The Reading Market 
  • The Mathematics Market   
  • The Interactive Whiteboard Market  
  • K-12 Enrollments by Subject and Grade   
  • Documenting the Shift From Print to Digital in the K-12 School Market 
  • Public School Enrollments & Expenditures 
  • And much more!
 The goal of The Complete K-12 report is to provide you with a comprehensive, superior quality portrait of the market from every possible angle. That is why we call it our “encyclopedia” of the K-12 school market space.
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