The Complete K-12 Report: Market Facts and Segment Analyses 2012

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Published Jan 1, 2012 | 705 Pages | Pub ID: CURP5815140
The Complete K-12 Report analyzes the domestic K-12 school market in all of its facets - textbooks, supplemental materials, computer hardware, software, video, online - and in each of its grade levels and major curriculum areas. In addition, specialized “markets within the market”, including Response to Intervention (RTI), English Language Learners (ELL), Early Childhood, Special Education, Title I, and Assessment are thoroughly examined. Much of the data presented here comes from original studies conducted by Education Market Research, using a school market information gathering network comprised of tens of thousands of educators at all grade levels. The industry ranking and market trend information comes from Open Book Publishing, Inc.

Most of the compilation reports on the market can be counted on to contain statistics provided by the traditional industry sources, such as the Association of American Publishers, and by government agencies, such as the U.S. Department of Education, and The Complete K-12 Report is no exception. However, the school market has evolved and expanded, while the “traditional” information sources have not changed.

Thus it is necessary to go beyond the “old stand-by” sources in order to get an accurate picture of today’s dynamic K-12 school market, and that is precisely what sets this report apart from all of its competitors.

The Complete K-12 Report contains thoroughly updated and expanded market intelligence on:

  • K-12 Market Size and Structure
  • K-12 Market Growth Rates
  • Market Size by Subject and Grade Market Size for Supplemental Materials, School Supplies, and Hardware/Equipment/Furniture
  • K-12 Publisher Rankings
  • The Reading Market
  • The Mathematics Market
  • The Interactive Whiteboard Market
  • K-12 Enrollments by Subject and Grade
  • Documenting the Shift From Print to Digital in the K-12 School Market
  • Public School Enrollments & Expenditures
  • And much more!

The goal of The Complete K-12 Report is to provide you with a comprehensive, superior quality portrait of the market from every possible angle. That is why we call it our “encyclopedia” of the K-12 school market space.

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