College Course Materials Market Trends & Forecast 2016

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Published Feb 7, 2017 | 64 Pages | Pub ID: CURP15247065

College Course Materials Market Trends & Forecast 2016

In the higher education market, change is touching every ivy-covered brick quadrangle and laptop station at Starbucks—wherever students learn. College students are using diversifying methods to successfully graduate from their institutions, reflective of the college course materials market's shifting sales and distribution mechanics. Higher education companies and publishers in the course materials industry are increasingly responding to:
  • Where and how students acquire their post-secondary certificates or diplomas—and sometimes badges—increasingly varies just as does the description of the ‘traditional’ college student.
  • Colleges and universities increasingly putting more focus on ensuring that students successfully complete their degrees and do so in a reasonable amount of time. The freshman flunk-out course, long a staple for weeding out the non-college ready, is ceding ground to alternative paths students may take to complete their education.

College Course Materials Industry Trends

As a result, education companies in the college course materials industry are also confronting change. Facing adaptive programs in higher education that are becoming increasingly crucial to students' success, digital and alternative education resources will play a bigger part in industry publishers' futures. Change is not just the migration from printed to digital learning resources, but also solving the question of how to offer and deliver effective and engaging instructional materials that will help each student successfully navigate individual courses and move toward their successful completion of a degree. In its report, College Course Materials Market Trends & Forecast 2016, Simba Information examines how the changing consumer dynamics in the higher education market are impacting what kinds of education resources higher education publishers are providing, and how these publishers are getting their educational resources to the many students who need them.

Topics in College Course Materials Market Trends & Forecast 2016 include:

  • Current and projected student enrollment by institutional type
  • Changing shape of the for-profit career-college market segment
  • Growth in appeal of distance learning for college students
  • State fiscal support for higher education in fiscal 2016
  • Outlook for federal student aid and expanding access
  • Course materials sales by segments for 2014-2016
  • Drivers of growth in digital media
  • Inroads by open educational resources (OER)
  • Continued relevance of textbook rental programs
  • Competitive analysis of four leading course materials providers
  • Disruption in distribution channels
  • Bookstore changes and digital initiatives
  • Growth of publisher e-commerce channels
  • Trends shaping the higher education market in the next several years
  • Course materials segment sales projections through 2019
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