College Publishing Market Forecast 2008-2009

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Published Jul 31, 2008 | 210 Pages | Pub ID: CURP1609437

College Publishing Market Forecast 2008-2009 is an all-new edition of Simba’s premier research report for the U.S. higher education publishing industry, and offers the most comprehensive picture available of the current climate for college publishing.

With a tech-savvy student body demanding an increasing supply of digital materials, publishers must learn to adapt or risk losing their competitive advantage. Although new and used textbooks continue to dominate the higher education instructional materials scene in 2008, their market share is sliding. The rising trend is in multimedia tools—particularly for homework assistance and assessment—and college publishers are finding that the appeal of digital tools is sparking increasing interest in e-textbooks.

College Publishing Market Forecast 2008-2009 provides insights like these to decision-makers in all facets of the higher education instructional materials industry. In addition, the report offers a complete overview of the size and structure of the market, the latest enrollment statistics, funding, marketing and more.

Specific topics include:

  • Market size by segment:
    • college textbooks
    • used college books
    • professional books
    • trade books
    • multimedia materials (coursepacks and e-media sold separate from textbooks)
    • mass market paperbacks
    • religious books
    • university press books
    • K-12 textboooks
  • Segment growth drivers
  • New textbooks vs. used textbooks
  • Top foreign markets for exports of U.S. textbooks
  • Market niches, such as community colleges, for-profit post-secondary schools, and distance learning
  • Custom publishing, coursepacks and multimedia
  • Marketing and distribution of college textbooks and instructional materials
  • Growth outlook for higher educational materials publishing through 2011

In addition, College Publishing Market Forecast 2008-2009 offers an inside look into key mergers and acquisitions, as well as Simba’s exclusive College Publisher Index, which provides revenue and market share rankings of leading higher ed instructional materials providers.

We include detailed strategic and financial profiles of companies such as Bedford, Freeman & Worth; Blackboard; Cengage Learning; Jones and Bartlett; McGraw-Hill Education; Oxford University Press; Pearson Education; John Wiley & Sons; W.W. Norton; Barnes & Noble College Bookstores; Follett Corp. and Nebraska Book Co.

College Publishing Market Forecast 2008-2009 is a vital market intelligence tool for publishers, marketers, retailers and distributors, as well as business development and investment professionals charged with developing strategies to succeed in the rapidly growing U.S. higher education materials market.

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