Children's Publishing Market Forecast 2007

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Published Oct 1, 2006 | 138 Pages | Pub ID: CU1366309

Children's Publishing Market Forecast is a new report from Simba Information that gives you the exclusive, insider's view of the children's trade book publishing industry -- the only market intelligence report that takes a holistic view of the trends driving this segment of the trade publishing industry.

Turn to Children's Publishing Market Forecast for exclusive analysis you won't find anywhere else:
  • Objective, independent and highly-vetted analysis of the market forces shaping sales trends through 2009
  • A 5-year analysis of New York Times® Children's Bestseller List that scrutinizes the trends that have driven the industry's most prestigious and trusted ranking -- and find out what category of books stay on the list 25% longer than any other
  • Over 50 charts, graphs and figures, including Simba Information's exclusive growth figures and projections that will assist you determine where to place your investment bets for maximum ROI
  • Exhaustive title output trends and analysis drawn from Bowker's Books In Print® and Books In Print® IntelliMarket™ tools. Find out which segments publishers have been pulling back on -- and which ones they're building up
  • Comprehensive profiles of the 10 leading children's book publishers that enable you to stay current with the competitive landscape -- with data that includes frontlist and backlist sales breakdown, bestseller history, growth projections, and Simba's assessment of market power
  • Comprehensive examination of the trends affecting all players in the industry
  • And more
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