Career College Instructional Materials Market 2009

   Single User - $2,495
   Hard Copy Mail Delivery - $2,695
   Departmental License - $7,485
   Online Download plus 1 Hard Copy - $3,095

Published Apr 7, 2009 | 50 Pages | Pub ID: CURP2041371

In the Career College Instructional Materials Market 2009 report, Simba Information examines one of the fastest-growing segments in higher education—the career college, or for-profit postsecondary segment.

In signature Simba Information style, this new report focuses market intelligence on the current use and potential growth opportunities for instructional materials in the career college segment.

This report offers decision-makers a current portrait of the career college segment, historical grounding in the larger higher education market and projections for the future of the market segment.

Topics include:

  • Segment opportunities in terms of enrollment and discipline offerings;
  • Segment growth potential and challenges from traditional higher education delivery models;
  • Opportunities for traditional print and online materials;
  • How instructional materials are purchased;
  • Who makes purchasing decisions.
  • Segment growth drivers, including the need for remedial materials and custom publishing solutions.
  • Who’s Who among career college providers.

The Career College Instructional Materials Market 2009 report is an essential market intelligence tool for publishers, editors, marketing, business development and investment professionals who need to understand the business strategies that currently drive this important segment of the higher education publishing industry and the strategies, challenges and opportunities that will drive it through the complex economic climate of the near future.

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