Business of Consumer Book Publishing 2013

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Published May 29, 2013 | 294 Pages | Pub ID: CURP5002421
Business of Consumer Book Publishing 2013 is the latest edition of the venerable market intelligence report for the U.S. trade book publishing industry. This all-new edition contains the valuable consumer book information leading publishers, printers, retailers and other industry stakeholders have come to rely on year after year.

As with past editions, Simba presents:
  • Proprietary data on e-book and print book users; both of ‘users’ and of ‘buyers.’ Unlike other reports, Simba has taken great care for years to differentiate between the two and show the ‘commitment to content’ which is to be a major issue for the industry going forward.
  • Analysis of major trends affecting the book market; often featuring proprietary, exclusive data.
  • A review book pricing (both print book and electronic book).
  • A multi-year analysis of three major bestseller lists.
  • Profiles of 15 leading publishers.
  • Simba's signature strategic examination of 17 major subject categories (with a 5-year statistical analysis showing the growth of each), and an overall discussion of which ones are the likeliest candidates for growth in print and/or digital forms.
  • Projections and insights on what categories will both drive and hamper market expansion.
Business of Consumer Book Publishing 2013 also features coveted demographic information, compiled from Experian Simmons' trusted National Consumer survey which determines exactly who’s buying the books and where they are buying them. This isn’t a survey of just consumers who buy books, but rather an independent analysis of the entire population, allowing buyers of this report to understand how everyone perceives books, not just the current crop of ‘readers.’

Business of Consumer Book Publishing 2013 is the ‘state of the industry’ report and a must-have for any executive who wants to stay on top of a rapidly changing market-and see what’s next in an industry that has arguably seen more change in the past five years than in the past five centuries.
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