Business Information Markets 2009-2010

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Published Mar 24, 2010 | 280 Pages | Pub ID: CURP2071796
Since 1979, professionals tracking the online content industry have relied on Business Information Markets for an accurate and unbiased inside look at the industry—from the latest mergers and acquisitions, to subscriber growth estimates, to the technology trends that are constantly reshaping the dynamic market for creating and distributing content to business professionals.

This report covers all business information services that provide content, delivered through proprietary online networks, the Internet and handheld wireless devices. It contains the market intelligence needed to evaluate current trends affecting the information industry, and to get an inside track on where future growth is forecast to occur.

No other report delivers as comprehensive and all-encompassing an overview and outlook, broken out by major vertical segments: general news and research, financial, brokerage, legal, tax, public records, health care and other online information services.

Business Information Markets 2009-2010 also includes 15 detailed company profiles of leading business/professional online content providers, such as Reed Elsevier, Dow Jones, Hoover’s, Reuters, WebMD and more.

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