Business Information Markets 2005-2006

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Published Sep 1, 2005 | 254 Pages | Pub ID: CURP1576984

Prepared by the expert analysts at Simba Information, Business Information Markets is the leading and most-trusted source of market intelligence in the highly competitive $37 billion online content industry. This report covers all business information services that provide content, delivered through proprietary online networks, the Internet and handheld wireless devices. Simba's exclusive brand of analysis covers all eight major segments driving the information industry today:

  • Brokerage information - streaming stock quotes and real-time market data tracked by institutional investors and individuals
  • Financial news and information - financial news and research, including tools used for portfolio tracking and stock analysis, that help investors make informed decisions about which equities to buy and sell
  • Credit information - information that helps businesses assess risk, from credit scoring to residency history
  • Legal, tax and public record information - information produced by the government, encompassing laws and legal decisions, legal directories and forms, corporate records and real estate transaction histories
  • Health care information - the gamut of information available to physicians, nurses, pharmacists and other medical professionals such as physical therapists, optometrists, speech therapists and more
  • General news and research information - the stream of current event, business and scientific news that shapes the world around us
  • Marketing information - from mailing lists to list enhancement services, the information available to marketers as they track the effectiveness of their advertising and sales campaigns
  • Other online information services - information that covers niche or specialized markets used by business professionals

    In addition to drawing on Simba’s substantial database of information on the online content market, this report is based on interviews with key industry executives who provide critical insight about where this market is headed, and includes detailed profiles on all of the leading online content providers who play in the U.S. market.

    Executive Summary	
    Chapter 1: Market Overview
    Scope Of The Report	
    Structure And Definitions Of The Business Information Market	
    Definition Of Business Information Services	
    History Of The Business Information Market	
    Online Service Sales Reach $35.4 Billion In 2004	
    Online Paid Subscriptions Climb To 18.54 Million In 2004
    Online Services Market Projected To Reach $43.1 Billion In 2009	
    Forecast Assumptions	
    Table 1.1: Online Service Definitions	
    Table 1.2: Online Services Market Share And Revenue Growth By Market Segment, 2003-2004	
    Table 1.3: Online Services Market Sales By Segment, 2004
    Table 1.4: Online Subscriber Growth By Market, 2003-2004
    Table 1.5: Total Online Business Information Sales Forecast, 2003-2009
    Table 1.6: Total Online Business Information Growth, 2003-2009
    Table 1.7: Online Business Information Revenue By Market Segment, 
    Chapter 2: Brokerage Information	
    Brokerage Information Segment Rides Rebounding Economy	
    Brokerage Information Subscriptions Up 1.5% In 2004	
    All Quiet On Acquisition Front	
    Reuters Continues Trimming Operations With Divestitures	
    Thomson Financial Unveils MarketWatch News Service	
    Reuters Focuses On Consumer Sites	
    Forecast Assumptions	
    Financial Forecast	
    Table 2.1: Selected Online Brokerage Information Services, By Market	
    Table 2.2: Brokerage Information Sales, 2004 vs. 2003	
    Table 2.3: Market Share for the Top 3 Online Brokerage Information Services vs. All Others, 2004	
    Table 2.4: Bloomberg Subscriber Growth, 1995-2004	
    Table 2.5: Leading Electronic Brokerage Information Services By Subscribers, 2004 vs. 2003	
    Table 2.6: Brokerage Information Segment, Mergers and Acquisitions	
    Table 2.7: Online Brokerage Information Services Sales Forecast, 2000-2009	
    Table 2.8: Online Brokerage Information Sales Growth, 2000-2009	
    Chapter 3:  Credit Information Service	
    Credit Information Sales Climb 6.5% In 2004	
    Credit Information: Trends	
    Experian Makes Leap Into China	
    M&A Deals Few For Credit Information Segment	
    Companies Enter Business Intelligence Space	
    Consumer Product Rollout Continues	
    Credit Information: Forecast Assumptions	
    Credit Information: Forecast	
    Table 3.1: Selected Credit Information Providers	
    Table 3.2: Credit Information Sales, 2004 vs. 2003	
    Table 3.3: Credit Information Services Sales Forecast, 2000-2009	
    Table 3.4: Credit Information Sales Growth, 2020-2009	
    Chapter 4:  Current Awareness News & Research	
    Smaller Players Emerge	
    Subscription Growth Rebounds In 2004	
    Current Awareness News & Research Services: Trends	
    Zoom Information, SkyMinder Carve Niche In CANR Segment	
    RSS Company Emerges	
    Google, Yahoo! News Channels Challenge CANR Market Segment
    Market Segment Vets Unveil Flurry Of New Launches	
    Reputation Management Drives Product Development	
    Hoover’s Inc. Unveils Major Growth Plans	
    OneSource Relaunches Business Browser	
    New Faces Emerge In 2004	
    Current Awareness News & Research Services: Forecast	
    Table 4.1: Selected Online News & Research Services	
    Table 4.2: Current Awareness News & Research Online Sales Growth, 2004 vs. 2003 	
    Table 4.3: Current Awareness News & Research Online Subscriber Growth, 2004 vs. 2003	
    Table 4.4: Current Awareness News & Research Online Sales Forecast, 2000-2009	
    Table 4.5: Online Current Awareness News & Research Sales Forecast, 2000-2009	
    Chapter 5:  Financial News & Research	
    Financial Information	
    Advertising Sales Drive 9.7% Growth	
    Subscriptions Climb 3.9% As Growth Slows	
    Financial News & Research Services: Trends	
    Dow Jones Wins MarketWatch Bidding War Doesn’t Sell…Yet Brings Back Wireless	
    Edgar Online Expands Focus With I-Metrix	
    MarketWatch Unveils Thomson Financial News	
    Forecast And Conclusions	
    Table 5.1: Selected Online Financial News & Research Services	
    Table 5.2: Financial News & Research Information Sales, 2004 vs. 2003	
    Table 5.3: Subscriber Growth, Financial News & Research Services, 2004 vs. 2003	
    Table 5.4: Financial News & Research Sales Forecast, 2000-2009	
    Table 5.5: Financial News & Research Growth, 2000-2009	
    Chapter 6:  Legal, Tax and Public Record Information	
    Leading Players By Segment	
    General Law	
    Tax Law	
    Environmental Records	
    Real Estate Information	
    Public Information Records	
    Federal Government And Agency Documents, State Legislation and Regulations	
    Legal, Tax And Public Record Growth	
    Thomson Legal & Regulatory	
    Wolters Kluwer Legal, Tax & Business	
    MacDonald Dettwiler Associates (MDA)	
    Bureau of National Affairs (BNA)	
    Market Share Trends	
    LexisNexis (Reed Elsevier)	
    CCH, Aspen Publishers (Wolters Kluwer)	
    Forecast And Conclusions	
    Table 6.1: Key Legal, Tax and Public Record Online Services
    Table 6.2: Global Legal, Tax & Public Record Online Service Sales, 2003-2004	
    Table 6.3: Global Legal, Tax & Public Record Online Services Market Share of Leading Players, 2003-2004	
    Table 6.4: Legal, Tax & Public Record Online Service Subscribers, 2002-2004	
    Table 6.5: U.S. Legal, Tax and Public Record Online Sales Forecast, 2000-2010.	
    Table 6.6: Legal, Tax And Public Record Information Online Sales Growth, 2000-2010	
    Chapter 7:  Marketing Information	
    Audience Rating Services	
    List Compilers	
    Product Marketing Information Services	
    Marketing Information Sales Grow 7.1% In 2004	
    M&A Market Characterized By Small Deals	
    ACNielsen Branches Out	
    Acxiom Targeted In Takeover Attempt By ValueAct Capital	
    Experian Combines Credit Information With Marketing Data
    Gupta Attempts To Take InfoUSA Private	
    Forecast And Conclusions	
    Table 7.1: Selected Audience Rating Services
    Table 7.2: Selected Marketing Information Providers
    Table 7.3: Selected Product Marketing Information Services
    Table 7.4: Sales of Leading Marketing Information Companies, 2004 vs. 2003
    Table 7.5: Marketing Information Segment, Mergers & Acquisitions	
    Table 7.6: Online Marketing Information Sales Forecast,  2000-2009	
         Table 7.7: Marketing Information Sales Growth, 1999-2008	
    Chapter 8:  Healthcare Information	
    Reed Elsevier	
    Emdeon (WebMD)	
    Wolters Kluwer	
    Blackwell Publishing	
    Key Trends In Health Care Information	
    Immediate, Must-Have Information Key To Handheld’s Popularity	
    Online Health Care Services Grow More Sophisticated	
    Small, Online-Only Startups Appeal To Physicians	
    Online Personalization Is The Wave Of The Future	
    Shortage of Physicians Could Hurt Market, Lead To More Global Expansion	
    Forecast Outlook	
    Table 8.1: Key Online Healthcare Services	
    Table 8.2: Top Global Online Healthcare Providers By Revenues, 2003-2005P	
    Table 8.3: Increase in Total Number of U.S. Physicians, 1970-2004	
    Table 8.4: U.S. Healthcare Online Information Sales Forecast, 2001-2010P	
    Table 8.5: Online Healthcare Information Services Growth, 2001-2010P	
    Chapter 9:  Other Information Services	
    Key Trends	
    McGraw Hill Builds Out Construction Vertical	
    VertMarkets Takes Novel Approach, Expands Reemerges	
    Forecast Assumptions	
    Table 9.1: Key Other Online Information Services	
    Table 9.2: U.S. Other Online Information Sales Forecast, 2000-2009	
    Table 9.3: Other Online Information Services Growth, 2000-2009P	
    Chapter 10:  Company Profiles	
    Dow Jones	
    Dun & Bradstreet	
    Emdeon (WebMD)	
    IHS Group	
    Interactive Data Corp.	
    PR Newswire	
    Reed Elsevier	
    VNU Inc.	
    Wolters Kluwer