The Amazon Kindle 2013

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Published Jul 2, 2013 | 46 Pages | Pub ID: CURP5069734
The Amazon Kindle Fire and Kindle Store are two of the most influential things affecting the industry.

Shouldn’t you know more about both?

For the last two years, Simba Information’s Trade E-Book Publishing report series has included a mid-year update to allow buyers to have the newest data pertaining to hardware usage trends. But as the market got bigger and the growth rates grew smaller, we realized that there were new questions on this market—and about the most influential player operating within it—that needed to be answered.

To that end, Simba is proud to present The Amazon Kindle Report 2013.

The same Simba Information analysis that correctly predicted the 2012 slowdown of e-book adoption (and the shift from e-reading devices to tablets) has been deployed to answer some pressing questions on Amazon Kindle Store users and Kindle Fire owners. Thanks to nationally representative consumer surveys conducted on a regular basis since 2009, Simba’s qualifications to study Amazon’s customers are second to none. How many books the Amazon customer buys, how much they spend, trends in E-Ink and Tablet owners, and demographic details are covered extensively in this report featuring more than 30 charts.

This first-of-its-kind report is available to all buyers of Trade E-Book Publishing 2013, but it is also sold independently for $899.
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