Academic Testing Materials: Market Analysis & Forecast 2004-2005

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Published Jun 1, 2004 | 128 Pages | Pub ID: CU1018694

No Child Left Behind jumpstarted the U.S. K-12 testing market. Simba Information’s new report, Academic Testing Market Forecast, 2004-2005, developed from extensive new research, examines:

- Which tests dominate the statewide standardized testing market

- Changing nature of statewide standardized testing programs and which publishers stand to benefit the most

- Increased school demand for formative assessments to drive instruction,and the opportunities for online delivery in this sector

- Where the largest opportunities are and prospects for growth in the next five years

- Prospects for test preparation products

- Trends influencing market growth and challenges schools and publishers face

- Detailed profiles of the leading players in the testing market

Executive Summary
Chapter 1: Industry Size & Structure
  • Introduction
  • K-12 Market Downturn
  • Testing Picks Up the Pace
  • High-Stakes Testing Predominates - For Now
  • District/Classroom Sales Gain Share of Testing Segment
  • Pearson Educational Management Commands 25.9% of Market Share
  • NCLBSparks Competition
  • CTB Has State Contracts in the Most States in 2004
  • Challenges for Vendors and States
  • Looking Ahead to 2005
  • Table 1.1: Sale of Print and Electronic Media to the U.S. K-12 Market
  • Table 1.2: U.S. Testing Market, 2002-2004P
  • Table 1.3: States with Mandatory High School Exit Exams, 2004
  • Table 1.4: 2003-2004 State Testing Market Share of Major U.S. K-12 Test Publishers
  • Table 1.5: State Testing Contracts Held by Market Leaders 2004
  • Table 1.6: State Contract Awards, January - June, 2004

Chapter 2: Emerging Trends In Testing

  • Introduction
  • No Child Left Behind Evolves
  • Reaction and Changes
  • Testing 12thGrade Students
  • Varying Definitions of Proficiency
  • Accountability Increases at Head Start
  • Funding for Increased Testing
  • Federal Requirement; Federal Funds
  • Reading First Offers Additional Source of Assessments
  • Enrollment
  • Growth by Geographic Region
  • Birth Rate as Indicator of Future Enrollment Growth
  • Assessment Impacts Acquisitions
  • Table 2.1: NAEP Under NCLB
  • Table 2.2: Best and Worst Accountability Programs
  • Table 2.3: Federal Grants to States for State Assessments, 2002-2005E
  • Table 2.4: Federal Assessment Funding Sources
  • Table 2.5: Projected Public and Private School K-12 Enrollment, 2002-2013
  • Table 2.6: Projected Public School K-12 Enrollment, By Grade 2003-2013
  • Table 2.7: Projected Number of Annual U.S. Births, 2002-2012
  • Table 2.8: Simba Information’s Acquisitions & Partnership Index, 2003-2004

Chapter 3: Testing Goes Online

  • Introduction
  • Advantages of Online Testing
  • Disadvantages of Online Testing
  • Availability of Computers
  • Virginia Has a Plan
  • Idaho Reaches 100%
  • In Oregon, More Than Half of Assessment Is Online
  • Laptop Initiative Spurs Online Testing in Maine
  • Essay Tests Online in Indiana
  • Algebra Offered Online in Texas
  • More States Prepare for Online Testing
  • Data Management to the Forefront
  • Table 3.1: Computer Access and Computer-Based Assessment

Chapter 4: Statewide Testing

  • Introduction
  • Testing Sparked Revenue Bounce
  • Broad Range of Testing Options
  • For Standardized Tests, Utah Switches From The Stanford 9 to the ITBS
  • High School Exit Exams Spawn Test Prep
  • New Attention for Special Education
  • Costs Rise for States and Publishers
  • Curtailing Costs
  • Testing Companies Jockey for Position
  • Table 4.1: State Testing Sales Compared to Publishing Industry 2002-2004P
  • Table 4.2: Largest State Test Contract Awards, January-June, 2004

Chapter 5: Classroom Assessments

  • Introduction
  • Burgeoning Business
  • Fueling Growth
  • Drawing State Interest
  • Online Potential
  • Quick Scores
  • Partnering for Position
  • Table 5.1: U.S. Testing Market, 2002-2004P

Chapter 6: Forecast and Conclusions

  • Introduction
  • Long-Term Growth
  • Table 6.1: U.S. Testing Market, 2002-2004P
  • Educational Testing Service
  • Harcourt Education (Reed Elsevier)
  • Houghton Mifflin Co.
  • McGraw-Hill Education (The McGraw-Hill Companies Inc.)
  • Measured Progress
  • Pearson Education (Pearson plc)
  • Plato Learning
  • Renaissance Learning
  • Scantron Corp. (John H. Harland Co.)
  • Vantage Learning

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