The iPad and Its Owner: Key Trends and Statistics 2013

Nov 21, 2012
87 Pages - Pub ID: CURP4919001
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When Simba added the iPad to its analysis in Trade E-Book Publishing report series, we noticed that while some consumers began using the new device for e-books, there wasn’t an astronomical change in the adoption rate of digital reading. Only months after the first iPad went on sale did we confirm that close to half of iPad owners have never used the device to read e-books—an exercise that raised several questions about the device and the consumer who uses it: What percentage of the adult population actually owns an iPad and how is that changing? What extent do iPad owners read e-books and engage with other kinds of media? Do they spend more on digital book content than users of other devices?

Simba is proud to present the answers to those questions in an all-new report, The iPad and Its Owner 2013. Through its proprietary nationally representative survey that has quietly tracked iPad ownership and usage trends regularly since 2010 as well as additional analysis, The iPad and Its Owner seeks to undo a lot of common misconceptions about the device and where it stands in relation to the future of media. Full demographic details of the iPad owner and their relationship with books, newspapers, magazines and the Internet are fully documented, as well as five-year projections from Simba’s trusted analyst team on what the iPad and the tablet market will look like five years down the road—and how far the device has come in just two years.  Exhaustive psychographic details on the iPad owner are also included, which gives users of this report a clear window into the minds of millions of adults who own a device that defined—if not created—the tablet market.

With more than 55 charts, The iPad and Its Owner 2013 is the definitive resource for anyone wanting to understand who the iPad owner is, how they interact with books, magazines and other media, and what the future might hold in the still untested tablet marketplace. Get your copy today.

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