Market Opportunities for PreK Instructional Materials 2013-2014

Oct 10, 2013
99 Pages - Pub ID: CURP5004617
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Market Opportunities for PreK Instructional Materials 2013-2014 examines the early childhood education market and the potential for sales of instructional materials in this segment. The report focuses on children who are enrolled in Head Start, stateand locally funded public PreK classrooms, and private childcare centers. It excludes kindergarten. Primary attention is paid to the core market of four-year-olds. 

For this report, Simba partnered with MCH Strategic Data to conduct an online and telephone survey of Head Start locations, school-based PreK and early childhood programs, and independent childcare centers. The survey yielded 228 responses through the online portion of the survey and 320 responses through the telephone portion. The bulk of respondents (87%) identified themselves as administrators, with the remaining 13% self-identifying as instructors.

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